Easychart Drupal Module Demo

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Demo's of the 8.x module version soon!

Easychart javascript-plugin demo

Easychart javascript plugin demo

Easychart 3.1.4 demo (Drupal 7)

Support for multiple axes!

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Easychart v3.1.4 released

August 25, 2016.

new in this version:

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About the Easychart javascript plugin:

  • vanilla js UI for Highcharts
  • support for the latest Highcharts version (4.2.6)
  • supported data-format: csv
  • data entry/import: paste or upload csv / url to csv / handsontable datatable
  • customizable chart-templates
  • support for combination charts
  • support for multiple axes
  • easy and comprehensive API

Drupal module (download for D7 or D8):

  • adjustable templates
  • better chart-placeholders
  • easier chart management
  • work in progress: configurable GUI (no code needed) 

A word from the master himself: Torstein Hønsi

Questions? Suggestions?

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