The Water Environment Federation (WEF) collected more than 35 videos via the Stormwater Call for Media, an effort to collect and share innovative stormwater projects. The top two videos aired at the 2012 Stormwater Symposium. Under One Umbrella, by KPFF Consulting Engineers, features a bioretention area that is also a stormwater fountain and community gathering space anchored by giant bronze umbrellas. GreenTreks, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit communications organization, submitted the other top video — StormwaterPA: Low Impact Development. Rather than use a traditional stormwater management approach, this video focuses on a 24-ha (59-ac) residential community that has incorporated a system of more than 100 low-impact development measures to maximize infiltration of runoff at the site level.

Find all videos on WEF’s stormwater playlist, then go to the poll to vote for your favorite! Top videos will be shown at WEFTEC® 2012.