At WEFTEC 2011, the Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) Board of Trustees voted to sunset the Stormwater Coordinating Council (SWCC) and form a Stormwater Committee (SWC). Unlike a council, WEF committees are made up of volunteer members tasked with developing technical products and programming. The SWC will lead WEF’s efforts to encourage innovative approaches, sound management strategies, policy engagement and enhanced public outreach for stormwater professionals.

“WEF recognizes the importance of stormwater management in the compliment of professionals addressing the challenging water quality issues of this century,” said new Stormwater Committee Chair Mike Beezhold. “I am honored and excited to serve as the Chair for this new committee, which reflects a renewed commitment and vision for the future of stormwater management.”

WEF will offer a Stormwater Symposium July 18–20, 2012 in Baltimore. With over 200 abstracts submitted, “the initial overwhelming interest in the symposium is reflective of the growing need for information and direction in the field of stormwater management,” said Beezhold.

The SWC will be co-chaired by Wing Tam with help from Tad Slawecki, past vice chair of the SWCC.

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