Between the rise of green infrastructure, the effects of climate change, increasingly complex regulations, and the seemingly endless pursuit of infrastructure funding, the stormwater management sector is more dynamic than most public services.

Stormwater Report, a news service managed by the Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Virginia), helps readers stay on top of new trends, studies, and developments that shape the stormwater sector. Stormwater Report covers sector news from around the U.S. and beyond, providing stormwater professionals glimpses into different organizations, details on innovations that will guide the future of the sector, as well as tips to help them more effectively serve their communities.

Authors from both inside and outside WEF publish content on Stormwater Report in the following topic areas:

  • Flooding & Watersheds, which includes projects, studies, and initiatives aimed at better understanding the natural hydrological processes that lead to flooding as well as how to control them.
  • Funding & Financing, covering innovative funding mechanisms, analyses of the sector’s financial status, opportunities to help subsidize stormwater infrastructure, and more.
  • Green Infrastructure, detailing nature-based solutions for stormwater management, including relevant research efforts and regulatory initiatives as well as notable green infrastructure projects.
  • Policy & Regulation, focused on U.S. national and international policies that affect the way the stormwater sector operates.
  • Precipitation & Climate, which covers relevant news and analysis from meteorology and atmospheric science, including information about the effects of climate change.
  • Public Education & Outreach, showcasing outside-the-box tactics and inspiring ideas to help stormwater professionals earn support from citizens and customers.

Stormwater Report is also the primary vehicle for news from the WEF Stormwater Institute, a network of stormwater professionals that work together to address some of the stormwater sector’s most pressing challenges.

In addition to Stormwater Report, WEF covers news from a diversity of other water-sector topics. See the organization’s latest coverage at the WEF News Hub.

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