Stormwater Report invites stormwater professionals, including practitioners, researchers, advocates, and others, to share their professional expertise through editorials and guest articles.

Have an idea for an article? Get in touch with Stormwater Report editor Justin Jacques at to discuss your topic and identify a timeline for publication.

While guidance may vary based on specific topic, potential Stormwater Report articles should

  • run approximately 400-1,200 words in length;
  • be divided into at least 2-3 topical sections divided by sub-headers;
  • refrain from using “promotional language,” such as specific product names or links to commercial websites; and
  • include author information — your role in the stormwater sector, your level of experience, etc., along with a headshot.

Alternatively, we may accept pre-written drafts, provided they have not been published anywhere else, are narrowly tailored to a stormwater-related topic, and meet our editorial standards.

Once published, we will promote your article through Water Environment Federation (WEF) channels to maximize its reach to other water professionals. Please note that your article may not be published elsewhere, and that all editorials and guest articles are unpaid unless otherwise stated. Stormwater Report editors reserve the right to edit your submitted draft for style, clarity, and content, but will not publish unless changes are agreed upon by the author.